Feelings Never Lie Trap

Excerpt from Chapter 10 - Psychology

Have you ever read or heard the words "feelings never lie"? But what does that mean? Most equate their good feelings with the truth and bad feelings with something "unspiritual." This would indicate that the good feelings I get from opium or heroin are my truth. Supposedly desirable too would be the good feelings one might get from: "spiritual" drugs, cult-like group highs, ghosts that give a body buzz and the sadist's high when inflicting pain on others. Obviously, good feelings and pleasure can result from very sick activities. On the other hand, I have found that unhappy feelings always carry an important truth:

Unhappy feelings are always messages from my soul indicating that I need to grow and change. If I learn/change what my soul wants me to learn/change, then either I will not be discomfited next time or the situation will not repeat itself.

Yes, this is no doubt contrary to what you have learned about feelings and how reality works; but it is my truth and I suggest that you consider adopting it as your own. For it is the way towards clarity and inner peacefulness.

What we learned "feels right," because we have been trained that way, frequently to the point of brainwashing. Yet, those things that feel so comfortable are often what we will have to let go if we are to manifest our potentials, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To sum up, good feelings are often lies; bad feelings always carry unwanted truths.

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