Permanent Healthy Food Choices

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Your Body

People often do not know what specific foods are damaging their bodies. Testing will help you find out which foods you need to avoid and which foods to gravitate towards.

Blood Types. A popular book titled Eat Right for Your Type suggests methods for selecting foods based upon your blood type (A, B, O, or AB). Following what this book prescribes can give you a great head start in discovering what foods (unknown to you) with which your body has difficulties.

Pulse Tests. If your pulse rate is 10 beats per minute higher than your resting pulse rate ten minutes after ingesting a food, then it is likely that food is not OK for you. Please take the next test.

Addictive Allergy Tests. Millions are clueless about their addictive allergies, because they have no obvious symptoms. Please test yourself to determine your body's intolerances - test is at

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "I suggest that you trust and explore all impulses. I do not recommend acting upon all. But they are always important to examine and to trust as valid on some level. If the likely consequences of following an impulse are acceptable, then acting on the impulse is also recommended."