Spiritual & Personal Goals - Good to Have or Not?

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Goals are commonly thought to be good and OK. I agree. One trap is to have no goals at all; since goalless people are not concentrating on anything, they frequently receive leftovers from others or from their childhoods/pasts.

Many claiming to be on a spiritual path disagree, "Goals are nothing but the neurotic ego. Surrender to God's will is what you should do instead." But, supposing we are co-creating with God instead of just doing God's will? Then we have just eliminated much of our creative input by surrendering it. Or, supposing God's will for us is to support us in our will, as described by Walsch in Conversations with God? If that is the case, then surrendering to God's will is not useful.

A second group of spiritually minded folks would disagree about the usefulness of goals by saying: "Trying is lying; goals just reflect the neurotic ego which needs to be eliminated." I disagree with these folks, because I think while we are on the physical plane we need our egos (real egos not neurotic egos). On the other hand, pay attention to where you have to "try and try and try." You need to learn something in this situation that you have resisted up to now.

So - there is a choice here for you to make - to believe in goals or not. I believe the happier route and the faster route towards manifesting what you desire is have goals, but to recognize that they can be leading you astray at times if they are based upon your neurotic ego. When you discover that a goal is based upon neurotic ego, then drop that goal and find one more in keeping with who you are today.

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