God's Love

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

In this book, I am using the words/terms God, Tao, All-That-Is, Allah and Higher Power interchangeably. So, what is the nature of God's love? Can we feel it? How does it feel? When does it become addictive? How best use God's love?

Many spiritual belief systems postulate that God-Tao is nothing but love. Some say, "There is nothing but Allah/God." Of course, there is no proof of this because spirit is beyond the physical plane and therefore cannot be proven with material tools. The truth might conceivably be that the many who claim to feel God's love are suffering from misperceptions. Personally, I do agree that God is nothing but love. It makes logical sense, fits with my personal experience and causes improved well-being.

What does God's love feel like? One common truth seems to be that some sort of feeling experience happens for many (most?) who try to feel that love. From what I understand about what has been written, this feeling of love tends to be either personal or impersonal, depending upon one's conception of God. Your feelings and descriptions about love and God's love may be quite different from mine. I would describe my own feeling of God's love to be: spacious, everywhere, impersonal, lovely and gentle (yet powerful). This is rather different from my description of what human love feels like to me: personal, sweet, lovely, gentle and focused (on that person).

Thus, there is a clear difference for me between when I feel someone sending me God's love and when I feel someone sending me personal love. Either will feel good to me. If both are present and I am clear and I am noticing, then I will feel and recognize both. If the person is using God's love to cover over other uncomfortable feelings, then it feels jarring and repellent when they try to send love my way. I don't want it. Of course, then I am likely to be accused of being "defensive since I am not accepting God's love." They fail to recognize or acknowledge that they are also sending their anger, pain, sadness and hurt along with God's love.

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