These Disciplines Promote Spiritual Growth

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Benefit #3. One-size-fits-all systems (not these three systems) typically suggest we be and act certain ways, (e.g., loving, kind or not angry), not allowing for very different soul paths that we might have. If your soul's desires are not exactly in accordance with your favorite one-size-fits-all system, then you are in for some long detours. These three systems often permit you to see what your soul prefers, which is unlikely when you pursue a one-size-fits-all spiritual system.

Benefit #4. The fourth major possible benefit of these three systems is the capability of accepting others wherever they are and whatever they are doing. This is "loving what is," and it can happen more and more frequently as we study these systems, particularly the Michael Teachings. This huge benefit can permit real understanding and acceptance of people that New Age folks often find unacceptable (e.g., polluters, big business, and presidents).

Rejection of These Systems Is Common. Most people are following paths that cause them to reject significant study of these three systems. Narcissists and romantics want themselves/others to be fabulous and without fault; therefore, any positive/negative system is rejected (often with clever rationalizations) because it would expose faults. Most New Age paths are one-size-fits-all. This causes followers of such paths to reject the idea that our souls might have quite different-from-the-ideal paths and goals. Most people do not want to face their inner fears, preferring spiritual systems that encourage covering over of such fears. Most religious and spiritual systems help cover over fears, whereas these three systems can help to expose fears.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Symptoms of disability include bodily dysfunctions, emotional dysfunctions, thinking difficulties, spiritual belief difficulties, communication problems and undesirable behavior (all important therapy "stuff" discussed in the next few chapters). Because we are integrated beings, our dysfunctions are all interconnected."