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Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

There are many ways of getting spiritual guidance. None of them is foolproof. The best guidance points us in the direction of self-learning; the worst strokes our false egos or pretends to solve our problem in a flash.

Personal Consultation with a Spiritual Leader. When following a religious path, it is often customary to consult the priest, monk, or rabbi. Such one-on-one consultations also occur when following a guru, shaman, nagual, or person-with-special-spiritual-knowledge. If you believe such a consultation would be useful, then I do recommend it; however, I do believe that you are likely to be too prone to accept whatever such a teacher has to say.


A common stretching choice for New Age people is yoga. Not only does this provide stretching but it also gives some strength training as well as spiritual and psychological benefits. However, many who practice yoga start using it like opium without knowing it, because the results generally feel good.

Therefore, I suggest a vision quest at least once a year for those doing more than a daily 5 minutes of yoga (or other form of stretching exercise).

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: " The result of our people-judgments is that we often throw away someone's ideas because they are voiced by the wrong person or because we don't totally agree with all their ideas."