Study Is Unpopular - Spiritual Health Demands Study

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - 5-Year Spiritual Plan

I think it essential for steady spiritual progress that we regularly overcome our resistances to moderate amounts of spiritual study. Such study might not be exactly what we want to study, when we want to study it. Some willpower is vital if we are not to be at the mercy and whims of our neurotic false personalities leading us ever so cleverly away from facing our fears.

Our resistances to willpower and directed study often stem from our past failures with study and willpower. Because of these failures, we have discarded the baby (of moderate small amounts of willpower and directed study) along with the bathwater (excessive and/or misdirected study/willpower). For those holding on to pleasure goals (Stage I of spiritual development), such study violates their "I'll only do what I want to do when I want to do it" philosophy; and they will likely resist any such study because it might confront them with their stuck-ness in Stage I.

Highly Recommended: Plan a study weekend with Dr. Janov's book, Primal Scream. Most people are clueless about how pervasive their childhood stuff is. Such a study weekend will likely reveal much of how fear drives most everyone and why it does so.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Without goals, or with inappropriate goals, we often founder or flounder. I have seen a number of clients for whom goals initially are non-existent or impossible. They suffer as a result because of lack of direction."