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Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

There are many ways, ideas and paths that Michael offers that are missing from most New Age systems. In this section I offer six reasons why I think the Michael Teachings could be a valuable addition to your learning.

1. If you choose to adopt some of Michael's ideas, then "wrong things" are not wrong but necessary and valuable for us. They reflect learning that our soul needs, though what this learning needs to be is not always clear. Instead of negatively judging our selves and others as wrong, we accept everyone. This puts us more on the path of loving what is.

2. Michael offers an understandable system that gives logical reasons and sufficient meanings for all the craziness, suffering and junk in people's lives. Most other New Age teachers offer one-size-fits-all systems in which there is a common goal to which we all need to aspire. Their one-size-fits-all systems imply that about 99% of us are doing the "wrong things" or "unspiritual things" most of the time.

3. I briefly described Michael's ideas about soul age in Chapter 3. In Chapter 15 I discuss his ideas about making essence (soul) contact. These ideas about soul age and essence contact are valuable in helping us to understand and accept the way things are. It is popular with many to believe that "everything is a mystery." But such a belief is not one of inner peace, for most human minds want to think they understand.

4. Too often we judge others for not being like us. "Their attitude is wrong. Their goals are unspiritual. They are exceedingly stubborn or impatient. They are always moving and fidgeting. They enjoy weird things." Many of these differences derive from our soul choices/attributes for this incarnation. Such choices/attributes (that Michael calls "overleaves") include a life role, a life goal, a soul age, a life mode, a life attitude, centering (emotional, mental, or moving) as well as a negative chief feature. Too often we fight against some of our soul's choices because we believe them to be "unspiritual." For example, to be powerful in the world is one soul choice (for perhaps 10% of us) that a number of New Age folks deny themselves.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Our childhood trauma knots propel us to act differently, to act for Mom and Dad in ways they want us to act, to win their approval to the maximum extent possible. We bend ourselves all out of shape in this search for approval and usually continue to do so well into adulthood."