Healthy Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate

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I doubt it matters whether it has a manual or battery-driven pump that inflates the blood pressure cuff. I do not recommend wrist cuffs or finger methods because they seem to have much less accuracy and vary rather widely from measurement to measurement. Healthy blood pressure will vary as you change your activities; it is best to get a "feel" for your blood pressure over time. The higher number, systolic pressure, is the only one most people really need to obtain an indicator of tension.

Of course, you can test your resting heart rate by using any of the age-old methods of counting your pulse (your pulse rate is the same thing as your heart rate). If you do not choose to invest in a blood pressure instrument, then your cost for a heart rate monitor may be zero. There are, of course, many heart rate monitors available today, used by people during aerobic exercise. You may already have one of them or access to such a monitor on your favorite gym exercise machine.

For measurement of fingertip temperature, I suggest one of the new infrared models of thermometer. They work by reading the temperature about 1,000 times a second as you scan over the skin; the highest temperature is then displayed. The model of infrared thermometer I use is the Exergen 2000C Temporal Artery Thermometer. (If you have small children, this type of thermometer is a boon!) To test for fever, you would make a scan from the forehead to the temples, a scan perhaps 2 inches (5 cm) long. To test for fingertip temperatures, use a scan over the last 2 inches of fingertip. The average fingertip temperature is reported to be 91F (33C), though this does depend upon the instrument. For more extensive and more accurate readings, you may have to adjust your results if your instrument over/under measures fingertip temperature.

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