The Attraction Process Usually Takes Time & Effort

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

If you read popular books about the law of attraction, they will often lead you to believe that the process is effortless. I do agree that an "I want" without significant psychological garbage attached to that "I want" will often manifest easily and quickly.

But, what happens when you tackle an "I want" around which you have many upsetting ideas, feelings and childhood issues? Instantaneous resistance appears and major rebounds away from the "I want" are likely. For example, I have tried visualizing a slimmer body for myself several times. Within hours of starting the visualizations, I have had major impulses to eat more than necessary, major impulses to eat junk food and excuses galore why that was OK. Clearly, I have not worked through my entire food trauma, food trauma that I experienced even as early as in my first weeks of life.

Devotees of the law of attraction will read my words and likely claim that I am not doing the process right and that I do not need to look at the psychological issues. I suggest they measure blood pressures, pulse rates and extremities' temperatures to see just how much genuine peace of mind they get from their methods.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Frequently, the first growth step is to acknowledge the conflict within, between the old unhappy (often unconscious) childhood belief and the conscious adult belief of today."