Grandiose Claims for the Law of Atraction

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

The claims made for the law of attraction are grandiose. People shouting its virtues act as if it were the supreme law of the universe and that all other laws will be superseded if you do it right. The following words from The Secret (Byrne, 2006, p. 5) are rather typical of those shouting about the law of attraction:

It is the law that determines the complete order of the universe, every moment of your life and every single thing you experience in your life.

Wow! Does that mean that all I have to do is truly believe some sick ego-driven neurotic fantasy and my soul, God-Tao and all the higher angels will leap to provide it for me because that is the law? I don't think so. Consider the wisdom of "Thank you, God, for my unanswered prayers." We often really don't know what is best for us. Frequently we do not get our wishes and prayers manifested because our souls (God-Tao?) know better what is best for us. If we do not get what we want, then I believe it is likely that our souls know that we do not need that experience, at least for now. We might get it later if we persevere, perhaps not.

I do agree that "magical" happenings have occurred with some regularity for folks using the law of attraction. In addition, I do agree that the power of the mind can accomplish many unexpected things. Witness the "impossibility" of fire-walking (where people walk over hot, hot, hot coals without foot burns), or spoon-bending (where people bend spoons with their minds while holding up the spoon by one end). These are quite obviously mind-over-matter circumstances that many people have experienced. If either experience appeals to you, then I suggest searching the internet for a nearby group that offers fire-walking or spoon-bending.

I will admit that the grandiose claims, if you believe them, will help you manifest some things faster and prevent some manifestation failures. This is because the strength of your beliefs helps increase the speed of manifestation and helps eliminate doubts that can cause failures. The flip side is, of course, that believing the grandiose claims can lead us to much spinning of wheels where we keep trying to manifest things that are truly impossible for us, at least for right now.

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