What Laws Are Superseded?

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

How about the law of gravity? If the law of attraction is so powerful, then it should be able to overcome the law of gravity. I doubt many will jump off high cliffs with a visualization of "floating gently to the ground." But they could try jumping off a small knee-high platform, visualizing "floating down to the ground, taking over two seconds to do so." This example is, of course, a variation of "when pigs can fly." If the law of attraction is so powerful, then why not demonstrate it in such ways?

What about genetic laws? Why not see how effective the law of attraction is in overcoming birth defects? I doubt that the law of attraction will have many successes overcoming either genetic laws or the laws of gravity. No one really knows what laws might be superseded by the law of attraction.

Using this law, there are examples of people who used this law and manifested great sums of money, new love relationships, weight loss and good health. The law of attraction does work well in certain circumstances. By all means, try it out. (Cautionary note: later in this chapter, I recommend that you never use the law of attraction to try to manifest a relationship with a significant other.) The "laws" that are superseded most frequently are our old beliefs and ideas to which we are not psychologically attached. If you are strongly attached psychologically to those old ways, I think you will discover that the manifesting process usually fails.

Your "I Want" Conflicts with My "I Want." We both visualize our different preferred situations hundreds of times a day. What manifests? I don't know. That topic seems to be avoided by those proclaiming the wonders of the law of attraction. Conflicting "I wants" happen frequently.

For example, many think it's important to visualize world peace and many believe it's right and just to make war on all the heathens and infidels. The "I wants" of these two groups are diametrically opposed. So far, obviously, the visualizations of world peace have not yet resulted in its manifestation.

Devotees of the law of attraction suggest continuing the world peace visualization forever. That suggestion is a likely recipe for an ongoing, unhealthy and hopeless struggle that parallels our endless childhood neurotic struggles for approval.

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