New Age Leaders & Stage II

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

For leaders in the New Age movement, Stage II is relatively common. Many leaders are pursuing money via books, lectures, groups, etc. The question in my mind is, "What is happening to the money?" If the majority of the big money is winding up in the pockets of the teacher, guru, nagual or shaman, then Stage II is in evidence. Sometimes such money-gathering leaders are quite silent about the funds while bragging to insiders about the number of followers or number of books sold.

Stage II leaders also commonly pursue power. By setting themselves above the crowd as a guru, shaman, nagual or person-with-special-knowledge, they have effectively placed followers in a childlike position. Most children sell themselves out mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to parenting figures during the traumatizing process of becoming "socialized." They recreate this process as adults by selling out to leaders-with-special-knowledge. They cannot see anything wrong with the leader and elevate the leader's words to almost-gospel. This recreates the child's moral development that usually considers Mom's or Dad's words about right and wrong to be the absolute truth.

Note - young souls usually belong in Stages I and II. But if Stages I or II are still important for old souls over the age of 35, they are quite likely steamrollering over their life-paths.

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