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Excerpt from Chapter 17 - Predictions for Our Future

When you really feel that equal love for all, when your heart has so expanded as to embrace the whole of creation, you will certainly not feel like giving up this or that; you will simply drop off from secular life as a ripe fruit does from the branch of a tree. You will feel that the whole world is your home. Maharshi, 1879-1950

It is important to understand that spinning your wheels is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone. We grow a bit and then need a bit of a rest. This rest and recuperation (after personal growth) can also be called a plateau, a detour, a dead end, or a trap. It is never harmful or wrong, but it can cause many years or decades of stagnation. Those of us who are really stubborn can make our detours last for many lifetimes. Because most every one of us can grow far faster than we do, recognizing popular traps can permit us to transform our lives more thoroughly and expeditiously.

Selection of psychological and spiritual methods/systems is crucial to expeditious development. If you make top-quality psychological choices and top-quality spiritual choices, you will not plateau for long. You have understood me clearly if you understand that I consider most popular psychologies and most popular spiritual systems to not be of top quality. (Note: most psychologies work well for crises, but often they don't help much with spinning-your-wheels plateaus.)

Accept the perfection of your life as it is right now. It is a perfect outgrowth of your entire history (genetic, psychological and learning history). Where you balk at its perfection is where you have lessons to learn. If you learn them, then you will find some measure of inner peace, and your bodily measurements will show your inner calm. I have come to believe that everything makes sense, although I may not be able to make sense of it. While I may not understand why or how, it has all been chosen and/or is the result of spiritual/physical laws that do make sense.

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