Spiritual Purpose Traps - Soul Purpose

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

Dubious Spiritual Purpose = Living Up to a Concept of What Spiritual Looks Like (i.e., spiritual ideals). A person adopting this purpose usually conceptualizes spiritual as perhaps being loving, kind, generous, gentle, meditating, praying and not being angry, powerful, or repressed. Yet many of our souls may have specific spiritual goals for us that require the exact opposite of what we consider spiritual. To discover your soul's purposes for you, I suggested earlier the study of the Enneagram, the Michael teachings and the Human Design System. If your soul's purpose this time around is for you to be powerful, or a hermit, or an angry activist, or have any other non-standard task, then you will not be able to align with your soul if you follow some generic concept of what it looks like to be spiritual. This purpose is often overlapped by another doubtful purpose.

Dubious Spiritual Purpose = To Do the Right Things and to Act in the Right Ways. A person with this purpose usually has either a particular religion/teacher that decides right/wrong or an internal judge who determines what is right or wrong. Since the morality of right/wrong is the appropriate stage of moral development for ages 6-12, we all learned some adaptive version of right and wrong when we were children. Following right/wrong purpose causes us to align with our unhealthy adaptive personalities.

Throughout this chapter, I have discussed various spiritual purposes that are popular with New Age people today. Most of these purposes are really detours that can result in many years, decades, or life-times of spinning your wheels. For specific reasons discussed earlier in this chapter, I have suggested you avoid the following spiritual purposes:

To be happy,
To feel God's love more and more
To be spiritual or live up to ideals
To do the right things
To do what you want
To feel good
If you wish instead to travel a spiritual expressway, then I repeat my earlier suggestion that your spiritual purpose be to align with your soul.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Materialism is not just the gathering of goods to me but also includes the belief that if I can't sense it with one or more of my five senses, then it is suspect. The idea that one might choose to believe something before actually sensing it is considered daft."