Your Relationship with God II

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

Two groups of folks have relatively poor relationships with God, those who never call upon God and those who call upon God only when they need/want something. Such relationships are common, yet so lacking in depth and caring compared with what is possible.

How about a friendship with God? Do you have that? Do you believe that is possible? What would that look like to you? Walsch's Friendship With God discusses many ideas about possible friendships with God. Use his book to ask yourself questions about your own relationship with God. "Where am I going? How can I make my friendship deeper?" Do you feel close to God? How could you get closer? Is it OK to use God or is it best to keep requests to a minimum?

How about demanding things from God? Is this OK? In Walsch's books, demanding things of God most certainly is OK and is encouraged. This may seem wrong to you initially, but is the Lord's Prayer itself not filled with demands (e.g., "Give us this day... Lead us not into temptation... Deliver us from evil")? If your idea is that God is to be feared, then demanding things of God will most surely feel very wrong to you.

My overall recommendation: make a few small efforts to develop your own friendship with God, a friendship that becomes a part of your day, if only briefly. This does not have to follow Walsh's pattern at all. Your love for God and God's love for you are readily available to be felt. Why are you denying yourself? Just turning your attention to these matters is often enough to start the ball rolling (i.e., you get what you concentrate on).

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