Other Tools for Measuring Spirituality

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

Ability to Recognize Your Soul's Characteristics. To find out as fully as possible what your soul wants, I stated earlier that I considered it useful to study the Enneagram, the Michael teachings and the Human Design System. In the process of study, some of your soul's characteristics will show themselves to you clearly. Other traits may be hidden by fog. The more easily you see all these characteristics such as personality, soul age, role, gifts and positive/negative qualities, the more spiritually advanced and the more aligned with your soul you are. Difficulties figuring out or seeing yourself (or others close to you) while studying these systems show that you (they) are still strongly attached to some old adaptive childhood conditioning.

Number/Strength of Attachments. In the next chapter, I shall talk more about attachments and the processes of getting beyond many of them. The overall idea is that the greater the number and/or strength of attachments, the less developed is the person spiritually. The most popular attachments are those that we need to follow somewhat: to feel good, to do what we want and to be with others. The person who is able to live his/her life without unhealthy attachments in these three areas is indeed rare. Most people are clueless about the insidious nature of all attachments. Everyone is playing the attachment dance; the more we learn the lessons provided by our souls, the more skilled we will be at this dance. We must dance this dance. We are all dancing the attachment dance, whether we acknowledge it or not. We need our attachments so that we can learn what we need to learn from them. When the lesson(s) have been learned, the attachment(s) will drop away naturally.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Make sure not to judge yourself as bad or wrong when you find yourself making a judgment. For you and your judgments are, of course, perfect for that moment. The key is to begin changing your path toward the goal of dropping that judgment the next time that identical situation arises."