Michael Teachings II

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

5. One of the ideas that Michael presents is that God-Tao (i.e., the infinite soul) has taken human form only four times, in Lao-Tse, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus. Michael also states that the written works of these four just become literature once they have passed on, an idea that is not popular with those attached to religious texts.

6. We all choose a few lifetimes where the difficulties are enormous, overwhelming and impossible to overcome. For example, at one time I knew someone who had a mode of repression. She repressed many things and allowed herself expression only very carefully. She was filled with fear. She died "early." She had a very difficult life. Yet this was chosen by her soul. Until I studied the Michael Teachings, I evaluated her life as being unfortunate. Today, I applaud how well she actually did with that lifetime.

Michael presents a wide variety of ideas about life, the world, spirituality and our souls (he calls the soul essence). A short description (such as I have provided) does not do justice to what is presented in the teachings. But perhaps your appetite will be whetted enough to make you decide to read and study the Yarbro books about the Michael Teachings.

Be Choosy. There are other books out there (not authored by Yarbro) purporting to be Michael. I do not recommend them. The ones I have glanced at have included much information that seems to either have low quality or not be Michael at all. I also suggest being very choosy if you decide to purchase a channeled Michael reading. Channels also frequently add their own stuff, which I have not found to be accurate. The Michael Teachings are about self-study and self-validation, not about going elsewhere for answers. Therefore, before going for a reading, please study the teachings for at least two months.

People exposed to Michael respond in a variety of ways. Many are initially attracted, but they fail to study. Some are repelled by the idea that the original Michael channels did it using Ouija Boards (most channels today do not use that tool). Many reject it because it might push their inner fears closer to the surface.

Michael Story. Shortly before I joined a Michael study group, a religious fundamentalist attended one evening as a guest. He was loud and vocal in his criticisms. The usual study group members attempted to be gracious but generally chose to deal with the situation by remaining silent. They did not voice their many thoughts and opinions about the guest. Several weeks later, when Michael was asked through a channel about this meeting, Michael told the group quite clearly and forcefully that the (young soul) fundamentalist had been more on his path than they had been on their paths during that meeting! (Good Michael channels tell the truth, which is often not what we want to hear.)

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