Get Money, Health and Weight Loss (Law Of Attraction)

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

Get Money, Health and Weight Loss

Generally, the earlier six steps (replace the word love with the words money, health or weight loss) will also work to manifest money, healing or weight loss, provided there are no significant psychological issues involved. For every health issue (disease, injury, or condition), however, there almost always seems to be a number of psychological issues. For weight loss, also, many issues usually need examining, particularly when weight or food issues were a part of childhood.

Therefore, I recommend that you look to acquire the means to resolve these psychological issues rather than try to manifest a change using the law of attraction or affirmation process. This may involve therapy and/or self help processes that may be relatively quick for health issues but may extend over months and years for overweight people. In the next chapter, I discuss the necessity for most overweight people to "watch their weight," and I offer some dieting tips that have worked for me.

Getting What You Want Summary Going after what you want is always ego-based. Perhaps your soul and your true personality want what your neurotic ego does, but don't count on it. Going after "I wants" is always tricky.Manifesting what you want using the law of attraction or an affirmation process is often quick and easy when you have no psychological issues involved. If you fail to address these issues, what you want will usually not manifest for you. Try out the law of attraction as desired, but be forewarned that most people usually do not succeed.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "If the parent doesn't like a natural part of human existence (like sex, anger, tears, love or vulnerability), then the child will often attempt to please that parent by squelching those qualities. As a result the child starts displaying many symptoms."