Muscle Testing - Applied Kinesiology

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

How difficult would it be to run tests to prove or disprove the validity of muscle testing? It would be easy. Just set up a test with a group of envelopes or containers where neither person knows the contents of any container. Then do the testing on each container or envelope. Devotees claim that decades ago double-blind experiments proved the validity of applied kinesiology and that proof is no longer necessary. However, if you examine the proffered evidence, the tests seem to have been run by those with a strongly vested interest in the results. Such is not a recipe for objectivity.

Folks believe it fervently. To have such quick answers is very popular. No long-term study or difficult challenging internal search is required. People seduce themselves with this quick fix. If anyone is able to consistently prove this method using public double-blind methods, I shall be glad to revise my opinion. Until then, I shall avoid applied kinesiology and look askance at those who practice it.

Summary... All tools can be used well or not. If a tool is important to you, that shows an attachment and indicates it is likely being used by your neurotic ego to help you in some ways to avoid life issues. All spiritual tools have the purpose of helping us communicate with spirit. How often do various tools work well for folks?

How Often Is Tool Use of High Quality?

Most often. Vision quest.
Usually. Daily Nature Quest.
Often. Sweat lodge, dancing, ecstatic body postures, oracles and yoga.
Sometimes. Meditation, prayer, spiritual groups, rituals, ceremonies, teachers, books, goals, channeling, sacred objects, astrology, drumming and talking boards.
Not high quality. Applied kinesiology.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Knowledge of what various therapies are trying to accomplish is often lacking in clients. How in such cases could clients have personal power? Therefore, just knowing what therapy is trying to accomplish can often be a significant step toward its accomplishment."