Everything Is a Mystery Trap

Excerpt from Chapter 8 - Thinking

Among some New Age followers, it has become popular to believe that life is a mystery. Supposedly, you cannot know anything for sure.

Why is this somewhat popular? People use this belief to ignore and avoid inconvenient ideas. If they hear something that might challenge their own favorite ideas or teachers, then they spout forth their mantra, "Well, you cannot really know that because life is a mystery." It is an idea that is regularly used by power-hungry gurus/shamans/naguals/teachers to weld followers more closely to them; they discount other ideas as being possibly untrue.

There is some possible truth in the assertion that everything is a mystery, but I have never met anyone who fully believed it and acted that way. Instead, these folks hold very dearly to important "truths" such as God's love, or Jesus or their teachers' words. They often fail to recognize their "truths" are also suspect and might, in truth, just be mysterious mental lies. They often act as if their teacher's words were pure gold, no matter what they say verbally.

I guess they think that Buddha should have been teaching about the Four Mysterious Possibilities instead of the Four Noble Truths. What nonsense! All great teachers have taught the truths about existence. They have tried to explain the mysteries, not hide behind them. Such hiding helps people avoid valuable Earth School lessons.

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