Restored by Nature's Sunshine, Sounds, and Beautiful Scenery

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Nature-Time (see Chapter 6)

My own needs for nature-time are rather high when compared with most. I am typically out in nature for nearly three hours every day. For most of that time, I am hiking gently and I may be thinking about all sorts of things: this book, a friend or family member, a client, or figuring things out. My mind is usually quite active, as would be expected for someone like myself with a Human Design Chart head center that is activated 24/7 (see Chapter 12). My focus is typically inward rather than outward towards what is there in nature. Being with another person out in nature usually does not work very well for me; that seems to take me back to the stressful world. If I am away from nature for a few days, I feel somewhat off-kilter and do not function in the world as well or as calmly. The above is my process; it is unlikely to be exactly what is best for you.

Could I be using my nature-time as a feel-good mechanism that helps me avoid my real issues? Isn't that what I have been pointing out about dozens of other New Age activities? Yes. If all I was getting was "feel-good," I would be certain that avoidance was working in major ways. But, I usually come back with answers to my questions, ways of looking at things differently and new areas of thinking. I feel good too. Therefore, for me this is a creative activity and a surrender-to-my-soul activity as well as a feeling-good activity. At times, I do find nature-time to be somewhat unsatisfying. My task then is usually to come home to do some psychological work on what I have been thinking about during my time in nature.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Symptoms of disability include bodily dysfunctions, emotional dysfunctions, thinking difficulties, spiritual belief difficulties, communication problems and undesirable behavior (all important therapy "stuff" discussed in the next few chapters). Because we are integrated beings, our dysfunctions are all interconnected."