Neurotic Ego or Useful Information?

Excerpt from Introduction

There will be those who judge my many inclusions of personal information as evidence of neurotic-ego. Instead, I suggest that these inclusions are necessary for credibility and understanding.

For example, I say that those with "normal" blood pressure are not peaceful inside. How can I have any credibility if I have "normal" rather than optimal blood pressure? Why would anyone believe what I have to say about getting more peacefulness in his life if I don't offer some evidence that I have some measure of it for myself? For another example, I offer several of my personal experiences of essence contact in Chapter 15; I know of no other written personal experiences of essence contact.

In short, the amount of personal information is larger than one might expect; but, in my opinion, each bit helps to bolster my ideas. Less important personal information has been exported to Appendix B. If you dislike this personal information, please skip over such parts (they are usually labeled).

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "One recurring attribute of people who have happiness (or inner peace or contentment) is the attribute of being grateful and appreciative for what is all around them. Do you need to develop this for yourself?"