Pandering To New Age People

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

There is unrecognized pandering everywhere. This pandering helps New Age folks feel good.

New! New! New! Authors, teachers, publishers, newspapers, magazines, radio and television pander to consumers by shouting about what is new. Both those shouting about the new and those consuming it overlook the fact that much of it is little more than a rehash of something older. Infatuation with the "new" happens regularly with many New Age folks. They like Teacher X and elevate X's words to high status, with words like "so spiritual" or "important," in a tone of voice that "oooooh's" and "aaaaah's" over the latest from X. The latest (often minor) changes in X's ideas may elicit a sense of wonder and a feeling of excitement: I call this either hero-worship or infatuation. It keeps people from facing their real issues and from aligning with their souls.

Pandering Predictions. Because most New Age folks are mature or old souls, there is an inherent alignment with liberals and Democrats (in the USA) as well as an opposition to conservatives and Republicans. Those trying to sell more books or get more followers had best heed their audience. By predicting the election of liberals, the ouster of conservatives and/or the elevation of more women/blacks/gays to high office, the New Age audience will sort of glow inside. When they hear this, they feel good! In addition, they believe the psychic is wonderful. These predictions are often wrong. But who cares? Who wants to remember?

Long-term predictions are usually wrong or grossly inaccurate because human choices between now and then will regularly change the outcomes. The psychic who makes popular predictions benefits from them, of course, by obtaining more clients and therefore, more money.

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