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Nature vs. Nurture vs. Life Plan

Excerpt from Chapter 8 - Thinking

We have all been exposed to the ongoing debate about which aspects our genes cause or which aspects our upbringing causes. What we never hear in this debate is the possibility that there might be a third alternative, what I am referring to as life plan. Could it be that we come into our lives with some definite unconscious plans to learn certain things, to be associated in particular ways with certain people, to have specific attributes and to do good (or not so good) works? A life plan of one description or another is part of the belief systems of much of the world, but Western cultures have in recent history tried to find almost all the answers under the microscope or in the psychological laboratory. The belief has typically been that all the answers will be found there and we have all received training to be rather scornful of any other possibilities.

The evidence for such a thing as a life plan is all around us if we but look. Look at little children and how incredibly different they are personally and psychologically from one another and from their parents and grandparents even in the earliest weeks and months of their lives. Look at the "amazing" synchronous events, which often occur to allow many of us to find exactly the right job, the right mate, or the best path. Instead of trying to prove the roots of homosexuality to be nature or nurture, perhaps the truth lies elsewhere, in an unconscious life plan.

Why are there always many who avoid contracting the current plague despite much exposure to the disease? The plague in the Middle Ages is one example, and the current AIDS plague is another, where some whom one would surely believe would contract the disease just don't catch it. Scientists would probably claim "unknown genes." Instead, a specific unconscious life plan that needed to avoid the disease seems a more likely possibility to me, a possibility usually completely out of the realm of the thinking of such scientists.

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