Measuring Is Vital

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

Many will be offended by ideas of measurement, offended by each of my suggested tools for measuring levels of spiritual advancement. But I think measuring is vital if we are to separate more effectively the spiritual expressways from the long detours. Many popular paths are tricky and can lead the unaware to decades of miniscule spiritual development. Three popular detouring paths include: (a) feeling good, (b) doing what you want and (c) joining with others in family/group activities. These are often considered wonderful and spiritual. "How could you possibly question them?" Actually, these three paths are very tricky, because we all need to follow them to some degree.

"Failing" any of the spiritual measurements in this chapter is only an indicator that perhaps you need to investigate further. But if several tests show that you may be stuck in a detour, I consider it most likely to be a current truth for you. It may take only a few minutes, or it may take many decades/lifetimes to get back on the expressway. Either way, recognizing the possibility of detour can help your soul. For with recognition, your soul can more easily give you promptings from within (e.g., impulses, dreams and intuitions) that will help you rejoin the expressway in a more timely fashion. Without recognition, we usually misinterpret the promptings that our souls give us.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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