We-Are-All-One Trap - One Size Does Not Fit All

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

This is a variation on the theme of one-size-fits-all. But because this belief is so prevalent among New Age folks, it bears special emphasis. The basic idea is that supposedly we are all on the earth plane together, living the illusion that we are separated from God-Tao while we are here. "The truth is that we are all one." I agree up to a point. But, this commonly leads most to the unhappy conclusion that significant spiritual differences or disagreements between us are therefore wrong or bad. There is no room for acceptance of those pursuing lifetimes of murder, rape, abuse and plundering. (Acceptance does not imply that police action and incarceration are not desirable for such folks.)

People who look casually at their own past lives often claim never to have had such "non-spiritual" criminal lifetimes. "I could never do that type of thing." Why not? Aren't criminal activity and karma part of the lessons of the physical plane? There is usually no room among most New Age folks for true acceptance of big business profiteering, big-time polluters or USA presidents who try to make the world "do it our way."

The key out of the we-are-all-one trap is to recognize that the lessons for a particular incarnation may be quite dreadful. Eventually, when the dreadful lessons have been learned, then folks can become more loving. Instead of we are all one, I suggest eventually we will be all one. Until that time, I suggest it behooves you to find out what your soul wants instead of trying to fit yourself into one-size-fits-all spiritual systems.

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