Ask The Oracle (A Simple Yes-No Oracle Reading Can Help)

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Zelda = Free Online Yes-No Oracle

Ways to sabotage the oracle's performance:

Thinking the oracle is garbage - if you think an oracle is garbage, then you will be unlikely to follow any suggestions from it, thus remaining stuck in your rut and validating for you that it doesn't seem to work. Your higher self cannot fight against such a belief and this belief sabotages any value even a yes-no oracle might have for you.

Asking too often - many people don't like the answer and they keep on asking the oracle until they get a suggestion they like. If you ask the oracle more than once a week about a particular issue, then your answers will likely be all over the map and not very useful.

Having your adaptive ego strongly involved in a particular answer - my opinion is that poor results in this case are caused by your unwillingness to do your ego work and by the general principle that the oracle (paid, free, yes-no or whatever type) cannot bypass your adaptive-ego/earth-school lessons.

Asking predictive questions - such questions are popular but frequently receive inaccurate answers. Life lessons are usually involved that necessarily cloud the future for us.

Ways to improve the oracle's performance:

Ask for suggestions about ways to change yourself.
Be willing to change.

Are you bothered or upset? Ask the oracle for suggestions about such unhappy feelings.

For a specific oracle consultation, please see Appendix B.

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We often want quick answers from a yes-no oracle. They are of limited use but can be a lot of fun. Try this Yes-No Free Online Oracle and ask Zelda questions 24 hours a day. She is free!

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