Essence Contact in Other Books

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

The only places I have found the idea of contacting others' essences are in Yarbro's Michael Teachings books. Throughout these four books are many references to essence and essence contact. I think it would be valuable for you, the reader, to take my words as inspiration to really study what Michael has to say on the topic.

If you are an old soul (and most reading these words are probably old souls) and really want a lovely relationship, then it really must be based upon perceived essence contact if it is to be satisfying and long-term. Michael's words about this topic are not always easy to understand, but in conjunction with my descriptions and experiences here, I think the possibilities for the perception of essence contact improve for you.

Michael talks about our fear-based negative chief features and the necessity for eliminating them bit by bit (taking very small steps over a long time period). Once the fear is lowered significantly, then perceived essence contact can occur. He indicates that this contact does not occur for most. If essence contact starts to happen to a person with significant inner fears, then the experience is fled and its loveliness is hidden.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Human existence can be considered a house of four rooms, the rooms of (1)the body, (2)the mind, (3)the emotions and (4)spirituality. Therapies usually concentrate on just one or two of these rooms."