My Overall Goal for This Book

Excerpt from Introduction

My main goal for this book is to help you align with your soul. To do that I'll need to separate what I consider the wheat from the chaff in currently popular New Age paths. These paths are confusing, overlapping, ensnaring and maze-like.

I hope to reveal what I consider the best and worst features of popular New Age spiritual systems to help you see, from my perspective, which of various choices in the spirituality maze are productive and which are detours. In the process, I hope that you will be able to -

1. avoid the myriad of available detours, be they bodily, emotional, thinking or spiritual detours,

2. determine your overall Stage (I, II, III or IV) of spiritual development (Chapter 2),

3. choose some spiritual paths that are typically non-addictive (Chapter 12), and

4. manage your way through the spirituality maze skillfully, thus allowing better alignment with your soul and life tasks.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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