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Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Doesn't such a therapy sound esoteric and mystical? It really isn't that way 99% of the time. The experience is more like eating oatmeal - solid, real and satisfying (but not dull). For nearly two decades there have been therapists who have been using hypnosis to regress clients to their past lives' experiences. A solid informative book on the subject is Through Time Into Healing by Dr. Brian Weiss. While only a minority of therapy clients seems to be in need of this type of regression therapy, it usually resolves for them issues that have never before been amenable to resolution with other more conventional therapies.

Personally, I first experienced past lives regression in a 1980s classroom experiment with other prospective psychotherapists. It was a big surprise then to discover that I was a different sex when I "looked down at my body in my mind's eye" as directed by the hypnotist. The solid details are what make such an experience feel so real: the type of shoes on one's feet, the old-fashioned money, the worn bench and most especially, the ordinariness of it all. Several years later I sought out a therapist who did past lives therapy. I discovered in that therapy that in a prior lifetime I had died giving birth to a child. That explained to me much of my then-current discomfort with my own sexuality, bleed-through of trauma-knots from that lifetime to this one. (There will be those reading this who "know" that it was trauma in this lifetime that I was avoiding. No. I disagree. I entered past lives therapy after years of primal therapy, a therapy that focused exclusively on this lifetime's traumas. Primal treatment had done little up to then to ease that discomfort.)

Growth Exercise. Find a hypnotist who does past life regressions and try it out for yourself. You do not have to do therapy. Just discover what there is to see and experience.

While resolving trauma in this lifetime may take months or even years, resolving the bleed-through of past life trauma is usually much quicker. Insight will often be sufficient. If not, and the trauma knot in a past life must be faced, it usually gets untied more readily than if it were this life's trauma knot.

Whether the idea of past lives is The Truth is just not that important. For as one fellow therapist told Dr. Weiss (1992, p. 55), "I still don't know if I believe in this past life stuff, but I use it and it sure does work!"

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