Your Five-Year Spiritual Plan

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

Later in this book, I shall provide specific suggestions for a five-year-plan for your spiritual development. This is a loose plan that has the overriding theme of aligning you more with your higher-self/soul/essence. While better alignment may (or may not) result in actual contact with your essence and/or essence contacts with the essences of others, better alignment with your soul will usually result in a calmer more relaxed life and always in a greater ability to accomplish your soul's desires.

You need a plan that is optimal for you. My suggestion for your ongoing spiritual plan has four parts:

1. For most of the time, do what you want.
2. Study specific books for three hours a week.
3. Keep an "I-am-bothered-by-list," and spend some time every month working on it (looking at mental, emotional, and psychological issues).
4. Review yearly.
My first recommendation above is to follow your spiritual I-wants for most of your time. Meditate and pray as you wish. Read, study and join like-minded others when that feels right.

Yet, also follow your willpower for three hours a week studying one or more of the books on my list. Without such a counterbalance to your I-wants, I believe that your path will include many multi-year detours in the spirituality maze. I do mean study, not just a casual read. I have included a list of specific books in Chapter 16 because these provide a counterbalance to most popular New Age ideas and beliefs. When people start thinking this is wonderful, so spiritual, exciting, or very important, they are really in a mildly infatuated state that does not see things clearly. My recommended books will provide other views that will lessen the possibilities of such infatuation and attachments.

I also recommend a this-bothers-me-list. Add to this list whenever you discover something new that causes you fear or bothers, disturbs or irritates you in any way. This list needs to be regularly reviewed and psychologically examined (see Chapter 16) so that your long-term process eliminates what bothers you, not by avoiding or by covering over, but by changing your thinking, your emotions and your spirituality. This may take many years. Every item that bothers you has its roots in fear, fear that will inhibit significant alignment with your soul.

Yearly, review all the above and do a vision quest.

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