Hunter-Gatherer Fitness vs. Couch Potato

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Your Body

Our hunter-gatherer heritage is still with us and is important. For we are designed for aerobic activities, stretching, long distance travel and short bursts of strength.

A sedentary overweight couch-potato life goes against our genes and our heritage. Moreover, it really screws up our body chemistry. There is no way that food or pills or anything else can compensate for the dreadful body chemistry that develops from being sedentary. Our organs, glands, blood and cells are all being bathed in inferior, inadequate chemicals and the wrong amounts of hormones. A lot more harm is happening to the body than we recognize.

Also, millions think that the droopy draggy feeling they experience is natural. It may be normal for them, but it is a poor quality of existence and most un-natural. For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, such depression would probably have been rare, because they were so frequently on the move.

Because all of these fitness activities have the ability (like opium) to make us feel better, they can be traps too. I suggest an occasional vision quest (see Chapter 6) to determine whether such physical activities are being used like opium. I recommend that the four types of physical activities necessary for hunter-gatherer success be a regular routine part of your life. They are: stretching, aerobics, strength and endurance activities.

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