Powerful Spiritual Energies

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

If you believe that powerful spiritual energies are important, then you will pursue them. You will relish all the different ways they can feel in your body (body buzz, hair standing on end, thrills, low-quality ecstasy, chills, spreading warmth, fear, POWER, etc.). I am certainly not alone in believing energy can be a trap, for Gary Renard (2004, p. 104) speaks of energy as follows:

It is not our intention to deflate the enthusiasm of your New Age buddies who are so ga-ga over energy. But energy is nothing. It's a waste of time, a trick, just another device for building your house upon the sand instead of on the rock.
The people who are trapped by powerful energies are those most often pursuing pleasures or success, the first two spiritual stages discussed in Chapter 2. For someone pursuing the pleasures of Stage I, it is fun and exciting to feel wild powerful spiritual energies, partly because major segments of society consider such energies evil. What childish fun and pleasure it is to be anti-authoritarian! Trapped folks believe that the bigger the thrill, the more important is the energy.

For someone who is pursuing success at Stage II, then these powerful energies show how successful one is at spirituality. They consider that the more powerful the energy, the more spiritual/important it is. In addition, if one can connect with or follow the teachings of a powerful and/or famous person in the process, success is that much more rewarding as one basks in the reflected glow of the powerful/famous person.

Those trapped never say to themselves, "So what?" It is obvious to observant outsiders that powerful spiritual energies are like the latest thrill ride at an amusement park, exciting but generally of little lasting value.

Those who have more sensitivity and psychic awareness than the rest of us are those most often trapped. Their neurotic egos are involved, and they give themselves strokes for being spiritually advanced. Frequently, there are disguised critical judgments of the rest of us. They will probably not listen to any suggestion that their pursuit of powerful energies is a trap. They will not appreciate anyone saying, "So what?"

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