Short Prayer Requests Are Best - Religious Rituals

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

As I suggested in Chapter 3, I think your soul (operating partly from a small office in God's domain) arranges your life and everything in it. Therefore, I believe that prayers are answered by your soul, who determines what answers you will get, based upon your needs for Earth School lessons right now.

Types of Recommended Prayers. I recommend that the contents of prayer be directed towards more healing, help, information, or alignment with purpose, rather than some selfish "I-want." I doubt that it matters to whom or to what you pray; for God/Allah/All-That-Is or your soul always gets the message and responds appropriately for you at this time. Since a major purpose for our being here is to learn Earth School lessons, any prayer unconditionally asking for help in learning these lessons is recommended. Reminder: being happy, getting what you want and being spiritual/loving are likely to be life paths/lessons that are alluring traps (see Chapter 3). Short prayers are best and also those that avoid standard religious rituals; longer ones tend to become neurotic ego "I want, I want, I want" lists.

Gimme, Gimme (i.e., give me) Prayer Traps. So many prayers are not really a desire to join with higher spirit or purpose, but rather a selfish desire for God to give something in return for the prayer. Selfish "I wants" predominate. People who overuse the law of attraction (manifesting what you want) or who are in Stage I spirituality (pursuit of pleasures as described in Chapter 2) are prone to selfish prayers.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Many of us as toddlers learned to threaten a tantrum or tears in the supermarket when denied a favorite food item; this often resulted in our gaining the item. Thus, we learned that we sometimes could get what we wanted by being unhappy."