The Land Beyond Preferences (Spiritual or Emotional) II

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

Think of your preferences as being in two categories, those with emotional hooks in you and those without such hooks. Those with hooks (i.e., you will be bothered if you do not get that preference), I call attached preferences. An example of what I am calling an unattached preference would be a time when you are happy with vanilla ice cream if your preferred chocolate runs out.

If you do choose to follow the difficult road of "no attached preferences," you will be confronted for months and years with your ideas of right/wrong, good/bad and better/worse. These critical judgments need to be weeded out one by one. Often a useful question to ask is, "how could I think differently about this?" "No attached preferences" is a lonely road chosen by few, but a road leading towards inner peace and tranquility.

As I have followed the road of weeding out my attached preferences one-by-one, what has happened is that increasingly I find myself in Walsch's described land of no preferences. Here are two examples that may be offensive to you. First, I really have no preference about abortion rights for I see real humaneness in both sides of the argument (as well as judgmental traps on both sides). Second, I really have had no preferences in recent election dramas. People often pout (not so obviously to themselves) when they discover I am not polarized on these issues. I generally do not confront them with their unhappy poutiness.

Vital spiritual choice: to choose to align with your soul. Spiritual choices that are often traps:to be happy, to feel God's love, to do the right thing, to do what you want, to feel good, orto be spiritual.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "For example, men in this culture historically have made the choice not to feel sadness and grief (i.e., choice A). The result is a wide array of acting-out behavior such as unreasonable anger or drug/ alcohol/ sexual/ gambling addictions."