The Land Beyond Preferences (Spiritual or Emotional)

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

If God has no preferences (e.g., preferring Mother Teresa over Hitler or good over evil), is this something you wish to emulate? When Neale Donald Walsch channeled this idea about God having no preferences in Conversations with God, he was incredulous about it.

Yet, if you believe that whatever actions are manifested in reality are in everyone's current best interests, you must include the actions of all of the following: Mother Teresa, Hitler, liberals, conservatives, pro-choicers and right-to-lifers. The obstacle here is our right-wrong judgments that we refuse to give up. Paths towards a fuller acceptance might be:

to examine the things that the world and the Jews would not have learned without Hitler,

to see the sick dependencies that social welfare programs have created, and

to see the basic humanity on the other side of the abortion debate.

To the above you may respond, "Well, I can't see it that way." OK. I accept that. You choose to remain with 99% of the population in the unhappy land of unhappy preferences.

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