Healthy Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Readings

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In modern societies, on average, people display an increasing blood pressure as they age over the decades. Reportedly, (I have not read any specifics) there have been a few healthy aboriginal tribes where such an increase over time did not happen. This seems quite possible, because there have always been the exceptions in modern cultures where blood pressure did not rise. This author is one of the exceptions. In fact, my blood pressure is lower than it was in my twenties.

Selecting Your Reading Instruments

The type of instrument I suggest for measuring blood pressure and heart rate is a common blood pressure cuff with display. Use a cuff that fits around the upper arm, not around the wrist or fingers. The specific model I have is the Omron HEM-712C, but the specific make or model chosen is probably not important. This model typically sells for around $70USD and is often available for about half that cost on Ebay.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Searching for others' approval (i.e., performing for others) is insidious and incredibly widespread. Often our behavior is so automatic that we don't realize that if we followed our own real desires we would act very differently."