Astral Projection Traps

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

2. Body Feelings Traps. There are many possible feelings in one's body that can arise when contacting spiritual planes. A body buzz, or chills up and down the spine, or powerful energies, or feeling high, or even discomfort can all be useful to us in getting our attention. But higher guides have no use for ongoing excessive body responses in us. Our higher guides' purposes are to guide us, help us and teach us, not to attach us more tightly to the physical plane and our bodies. People trapped in the lower astral plane's induced bodily feelings will show excitement and pleasure about the feelings. Their experience may be exciting or fun. Yet, it is not worth much. What will be missing from this trapped person's exciting report about their latest contact will be the teaching, the guidance, the helping, etc. When you hear about such an exciting report, you might ask, "So what?"

3. Lack of Ongoing Relationship Trap. Those trapped in exciting lower astral plane contacts in a specific spiritual location will rarely take guides home with them in any significant way. The original contact location tends to become the only place where this guide is contacted. Higher guides will encourage ongoing contact in many locations and the development of a relationship. If this encouragement is missing, then it is likely that the contact is a low-grade astral plane entity of not much value.

4. Lack of Teaching/Healing Emphasis Trap. Higher guides (beyond the lower astral plane) are there to guide, not to give you ongoing body buzzes or spiritual ecstasy. Their purposes are teaching, healing and helping us in the best ways that they can, in accordance with our specific capabilities and interests. If this learning emphasis is missing, then it is likely that the contact is an astral plane consciousness that is interested in his/her/its own selfish agenda.

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