Past Life Regression Questions about Memories and Your Past Lives

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

The question is always raised, "If I had those lives, why don't I remember them?" That question can be answered as follows: if this is Reincarnational Earth School, where for our advanced degree we need to experience different sides of the same experience (such as man/woman, gay/straight, black/white, cynic/idealist, expressive/retentive), then you would have too much knowledge of the opposite experience if you remembered your past lives. Therefore, our memories of other lives generally need to be shielded from us. Questions often are raised too about the increasing population on this earth. Reincarnationists have explained this by saying that new souls continue to come into our system, that our higher selves can have more than one soul here at a time and that we are now coming back more often with less time between incarnations (the last point is corroborated by Helen Wambach's 1980s research). A major objection to beliefs in reincarnation comes from the scientific community, which "doesn't see any proof of past lives." Most scientists haven't looked very hard and tend to discount even their own members who have some personal experience. To them, this author says, "Try it and then see if you believe the same things. My direct experience has led me to the opposite opinion about reincarnation from the opinion I had when I was making my living as a nuclear engineer decades ago."

The advantages to believing in one-time-around are that I can feel the comfort of being in the majority of this society (small comfort) and that it allows me to be a perpetually unhappy helpless victim who never has to assume responsibility for my own happiness. I don't want that for myself. Do you?

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Knowledge of what various therapies are trying to accomplish is often lacking in clients. How in such cases could clients have personal power? Therefore, just knowing what therapy is trying to accomplish can often be a significant step toward its accomplishment."