Vision Quest II

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

One popular spiritual belief is that it is always better and more spiritual to be tapping into God's love than to be doing anything else. A vision quest can often produce far more spiritual advancement and knowledge than tapping into God's love ever will. Therefore, people using God's love addictively don't want this knowledge; and they will avoid the vision quest because of fear they don't even recognize in themselves.

Don't Attack the Body. There are those who try to make the vision quest an attack on the human body and a measure of how much one is able to overcome physical distractions and pain. Supposedly, transcending pain will lead to spiritual goodies. Instead, attacks on the body almost always cause the body to defend itself (see the trauma knot discussion in Chapter 10). Where the body defends, the mind, emotions and spirituality also defend. This is the exact opposite of what is desired, namely openness to spirit and learning. I have heard of the following attacks that I strongly suggest you avoid: no water, no sleep (first 24 hours sleepless OK), mosquito infested, under high-tension power lines and weather too cold or too hot (indoor vision quests work fine). The use of fasting is often useful (I consider fasting more of a psychological attack than a physical attack), but check with your doctor first.

I believe a vision quest is the spiritual tool that usually offers the most spiritual gain for people in the shortest amount of time. Most people fear vision quests. Do you?

Note: Tom Brown Jr has described a number of quality vision quests in his various books. See below for two of his books that are recommended.

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