Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
Measuring at Home

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Your Home Readings Will Vary Widely. Some get discouraged with measuring these three items because the measurements vary so much. But those variations can be used to understand more fully what causes you stress and fear.

For example… while my systolic blood pressure is typically around 108-115 mmHg when I waken, it will be about 5 mmHg higher if I waken with ideas for this book or plans for the day. In the middle of a tooth extraction it peaked at about 142 mmHg. If I am strongly engrossed in writing, it will be around 120-125 mmHg, which indicates strong interest and concentrated effort. Find your own patterns to discover what is mildly energizing for you and what hits all your buttons. In general, your heart rate will go along with blood pressure, but not always! I often have a resting heart rate of 48-50 bpm (beats per minute), that rises by about 10 bpm when working on this book and will be around 120 bpm when I jog a mile. If your heart rate after eating a meal increases to more than 10 bpm above your resting heart rate, then I suggest you test yourself more closely for food reactions. (See page 172.)

Your fingertip temperature will drop drastically when you go out gloveless on a cold day; this indicates bodily heat conservation, not fear. But if you have been inside for a while, a reduced fingertip temperature is an excellent indicator of stress. You might expect a few degrees change if you are placed in a tense situation. Make friends with these measurements at home. They will tell you much about your current state of affairs. Many of us prefer not to know, all the while telling ourselves that we do know.

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