One-Time-Around vs. Proof of Reincarnation

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

While current polls show about 25% of the USA population believes in reincarnation, the USA belief of one-time-around is actually a minority worldview. And the one-time-around view leads to much unhappiness and spinning of wheels, particularly for: women, minorities, never-married, "victims" of natural or manmade events and those of alternate sexual persuasions. These groups will tend to think this an unjust world if they don't believe in past lives reincarnation and remain focused upon the outside "injustices" rather than working to change themselves so that they move beyond blame.

Knowledge (but never scientific proof) of one's previous lives, which is available to virtually everyone using hypnosis, automatically changes one's perspective. The disabled and chronically ill discover that such difficulties are usually only for a lifetime or two out of many. A macho male may discover a wimpy female or gay lifetime. The feminist may discover that last time around she was a man who thought women were scum. Gays and lesbians discover they were heterosexual in other lifetimes. African-Americans discover white lives, also black lives as the majority race. Parents whose children die young discover long lives with such children in earlier times. Such knowledge of prior lives changes one's current beliefs and one's feelings about this life's problems and difficulties. Acceptance is a frequent result. This acceptance does not lead to inaction but to much more effective action to change the current situation, if that is needed.

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