What You Resist Persists

Excerpt from Chapter 10 - Psychology

You have probably heard of this statement, "what you resist persists." How does this apply to you and your life? Most of us are often not aware when or what we resist; this page will reveal some of this to you.

Whatever uncomfortable things keep repeating in your life show you where you are neurotically resisting desirable personal growth. Are you still bothered by some family member's behaviors/words? Still being bothered shows you are resisting. Are you still bothered by situations in your past? You are resisting fully resolving that past. You are resisting desirable growth if you often demonstrate at least one of the following: impatience, stubbornness, lateness, arrogance, procrastination or self-deprecation.

From the above, you probably realize that I would consider you to be resisting a lot. Yes! Almost all of us do that. No big deal. We need our resistances, every one of them, to protect ourselves at this moment in time. Resistances need to be tackled one by one in a sequence all your own; other resistances not up for tackling had best be acknowledged and put aside for now. Common resistances we think we "should" have:

Anger over certain societal difficulties (sexism, racism, homophobia, the latest shady election results)
Discomfort and worry about societal violence.
Specific large amounts of psychological pain when we are left by someone dying/leaving.

By all means, claim these resistances to your breast; but also accept that is your unhappy choice. This is the disliked question, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?" However, the question is valid; your resistances will push you to "want to be right."

In summation, we need our resistances; but to maximize our happiness and our potentials we need to weed them out one by one by changing our emotions, thinking and spirituality.

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