This Is a Safe Universe/World - A New Age Idea

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Do the words "this is a safe universe" resonate negatively with you? In this culture, a poll would probably reveal that negative responses to that statement predominated. Yet, such a belief is precisely the one that can lead to incredible freedom to follow one's own paths with inner trust and confidence. Without it, one is always looking over one's shoulder for the next disaster, which "surely must be coming since this is an unsafe universe."

To come to believe the world is safe, it is particularly useful to have had the experience of "my body is not me." Therefore, there has been significant emphasis in this chapter on experiences that show us that our consciousness does not depend upon the body for its existence. (I have included experiences such as near-death, out-of-body, regression to past lives and spoon-bending.) Such experiences lead us toward the realization that we are more consciousness than corporal. Of course our bodies die, but that in no way means that consciousness dies. To believe that one's consciousness does not die is very freeing.

We have all been heavily trained to believe that this is an unsafe world, particularly as children but also as adults. To shake the effects of that training will usually take time and many conscious realizations along the lines of "I just slipped back into those old fears." When that happens, it helps to repeat to oneself five times, "this is a safe universe."

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