Beware the "Secret Shifters" (Law Of Attraction)

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

What some law of attraction devotees call "secret shifters" are tools that help us change our feelings in an instant. Perhaps music, expressing gratitude, nature or pleasant fantasies will work for you that way. Those touting the law of attraction usually encourage such activities because they reportedly raise your frequency or vibration to higher levels. Supposedly, you get closer to the frequency of love with these methods. I find it interesting that those who talk about raising your frequency never actually do any measuring of it. In fact, for many it is strictly a mental construct with no basis in either bodily feeling or scientific measurement. It sounds spiritual, so it "must be good."

So, what would happen if we did some bodily measuring of those using such feel-good activities? Instead of moving in the direction of inner peace, I would bet that their blood pressures and heart rates would frequently rise over the long-term, an indicator of increasing inner tension. These "secret shifter" activities help us to cover our hurt and pain, to cover our rage and hate and to cover our grief and hopelessness.

Temporarily, we feel better as we cover over our inner tension with such things as "secret shifters." But as we continue to cover over, bodily measurements will reveal the truth in the end. This is a variation of the feel good trap discussed in Chapter 2 and is not much different from using drugs or alcohol to feel better now. We pretend the long-term negative consequences don't exist.

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