Jane Roberts' Seth Books

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Jane's books, in which she channeled the entity Seth, are the books (of hers) that I think will help you most align with your soul. From this source (Seth) she channeled vast amounts of information, most of it unique and of consistent superior quality. She, to my mind, was one of the greatest channels/psychics who has ever lived.

I believe her books of most help with understanding what your soul wants are: Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Nature of the Psyche and the Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. She was one of the first to give widespread attention to the idea that we, (i.e., our higher selves and our conscious selves together) create our own realities. She described how we each are involved in the creation of mass events like natural disasters or man-made wars. She was probably the foremost consciousness-explorer ever.

A sample from the Nature of Personal Reality (1974, p. 197): "Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes which bring your ideas into physical reality, so while your thoughts cause your experience, you are not consciously aware of how this takes place."

For many years, Jane was my favorite New Age author and teacher. I spent many hundreds of hours carefully reading all her books, trying to understand Jane's/Seth's often challenging ideas as they might apply to my life and the world around me. With the exception of the channeling she did for her own last illness (reminder: in Chapter 6, I cautioned against such personal channeling), I think you can take what she channeled as 95-plus% truth.

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