Soul Age - How Old or Young Are You?

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

Normal development in your lifetime this time around started with the baby-soul ideas of right and wrong. Then development as children and teens leads us to try to "make people do it our way." If we are young souls, then this will be our final stage of development. Most reading these words, however, are mature and old souls, who eventually develop the mature soul viewpoint of strong valuation of togetherness. If the true soul age is old, then acceptance of others' differences and less following of the crowd eventually become more important than togetherness.

Around the age of 35 is when people typically start to manifest their true soul age, if they are going to do it this time around. For it is not a sure thing. Our souls may have a goal of not achieving it or we may refuse to make the efforts required. These efforts Michael describes as dropping the fear-based negative chief feature, and he emphasizes that major difficulties are often encountered.

Value vs. Importance. Many old souls have difficulty getting beyond the idea of "certain things are important." They cling to mature-soul ideas of important togetherness or young-soul ideas of important rights and wrongs. The more old souls can come to accept that everything has value but nothing has importance, the happier and less stressed they will be. This is essentially the same as the Taoist idea of "do nothing and everything will get done." For old souls, things may be valuable and of more value than other things; but that does not make them important. As soon as something becomes important, then this is a sign of attachment, which is appropriate for young and mature souls, but will ultimately be a source of stress and/or difficulties for old souls. (Note: real passion in centered old souls implies something valuable to them, but does not imply attachment.)

Please get the book, Messages from Michael. Read it. Study it. I believe your life will become easier as a result. It is likely you will also be in closer alignment with your soul, no matter your soul age.

Yet I doubt not through the ages
  one increasing purpose runs,
And the thoughts of men are widened
  with the process of the suns.
Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1809-1892

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