What Is Perceived Essence Contact? Spiritual Soul Contact

Excerpt from Chapter 15 - Perceived Essence Contact

A bit of New Age humor: In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Quickly he was faced with a class action lawsuit for failure to file an Environmental Impact Report.

What Is Perceived Essence Contact?
(For this book: essence=soul=higher self)

Popular today are definitions of soul characterized by words like "deep, important, strongly felt, powerfully energetic, emotionally charged, or bodily peak experiences." Most people have had experiences with some of these characteristics. But, I imply none of the above when I speak in this chapter about the experience of essence contact. That is one reason why I have named this chapter "Perceived Essence Contact" rather than "Perceived Soul Contact."

Perceived essence contact happens rarely; essence contact (without conscious recognition or bodily validation) happens often. To perceive it instead of denying it requires a lack of significant fear on the part of the person doing the perceiving. If a person has strong inner fears, then perceiving essence contact mentally or physically is not possible.

I believe that the best descriptions of perceived essence contact are sprinkled throughout C. Q. Yarbro's four Michael Teachings books. Michael talks about essence and essence contact in a variety of ways and from a variety of vantage points. Until we get beyond most of our inner fears, however, written words by Yarbro (or by me) will likely seem unclear and not very relevant. Michael is quite clear about one thing, however - we cannot get much of anywhere on our life tasks or recognizing essence contacts until we have rooted out most of the fears associated with our "chief negative features." Michael refers to both "recognized" and "validated" essence contact. I understand "recognized" to be a mental awareness and "validated" to be a bodily felt sense. I shall use "perceived" to include both "recognized" and "validated."

There are two types of essence contact, contact with one's own essence and contact with the essence of another. For now, I offer the following characteristics of perceived essence contact with another person: loveliness and gentleness. After giving some specific examples, I'll describe it more fully. Most of this chapter focuses upon perceived essence contacts with others, because that is where I have had the most experience.

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