Jane Is So Spiritual and So Phony (III)

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

6. Because of the elevation of her shaman to superior status (more in Chapter 5), Jane mentally, psychologically and spiritually places herself in a one-down position, the position most all of us experienced as children. This shows up regularly as childishness and childish excitement in Jane's life, which inhibits spiritual growth and makes you want to say occasionally to Jane, "Grow up!" In similar fashion to what she did as a child, she adopts the shaman's words and ideas wholesale. She tells herself she studies the shaman's ideas carefully, but the truth is that her "study" is a whitewash and her acceptance is a self-inflicted brainwash.

Please realize that Jane is one of the healthier people among us. She generally feels good and is able to cover over her upsets and pain with little difficulty. She is following her own way and she is in no mood to change now. Most of us cannot cover over that well, because our psychological histories are more traumatic than Jane's past.

When the time is right for Jane to see more of her defensiveness, then her higher self will cause things to not be so wonderful for her. Then she will probably be forced to shift. However, it might take many lifetimes of stagnation before Jane perceives even the slightest difficulty.

It is not useful to start judging Jane by thinking that she is throwing away her gifts of superior mental health and psychic sensitivity. While she obviously is gifted and could make great contributions to the world, her higher self is manifesting what she needs right now. There are necessary lessons for her to learn before she will be able to manifest these gifts in the world. Until then, she will sabotage her gifts, using all her many opium-like activities and relationships like addictions to help herself feel good.

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